Monday, March 28, 2011

#333 Harry Simpson

As long as we are busting myths (see the Stu Miller 'blown off the mound' entry) lets settle the case of Harry "Suitcase" Simpson. Logic would tell you that a guy that was dealt as many times as Simpson was during his career could easily acquire the nickname "Suitcase". It's even inferred by the cartoon on the back of this 1959 card. But according to Wikipedia (and who could doubt Wikipedia?) he was referred to as "Suitcase" Simpson in the 1951 Cleveland Indians Sketch Book. That publication, a yearbook-type annual, notes that Simpson was named 'Suitcase" by sportswriters as a reference to a Toonerville Trolly comic character.

That's not to say that Simpson didn't do some traveling during his eight seasons in the big leagues. He went from the Indians to the Athletics to the Yankees, back to the Athletics, on to the White Sox, to the Pirates and back to the White Sox. Too bad "Frequent Flyer" miles hadn't yet been invented.

Harry was no scrub, though. He had a couple of nice seasons in the middle of the decade, batting .300 and .293 in 1955/1956. He had 21 homers and 105 RBIs in 1956 as well. He made the '56 All Star team and led the AL in triples in '56 and '57.

Harry poses in Yankee Stadium in the classic kneeling with a bat pose. My copy is pretty sweet. Nice corners and no scars.

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