Friday, March 11, 2011

#200 Warren Giles

Ok, imagine you're a kid in the spring of 1959 and you talk your mom into giving you another nickel to get yourself a pack of Topps baseball cards at the store on the corner. Run down to the store hand over the coin and run outside to open the red and yellow pack with your buddies. Hoping for a Mickey Mantle or Ernie Banks you rip open the pack and see....... Warren Giles? Really..... National League President Warren Giles?  Instead of Hank Aaron you got a guy in a bow tie?

Well, Warren Giles is a Hall of Famer and he had a long (50 years) and distinguished career in baseball. But I'm guessing that this card wasn't well received back in the day. At least card #1 featured a Commissioner.

And hey, why no card for American League President Joe Cronin?

And just my luck, pretty much the best corners of any card in my '59 collection can be found on this card.

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