Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#2 Eddie Yost

Stuff I knew about Eddie Yost......

  • He walked a lot.
  • Because of that he was called the 'Walking Man'.
  • That's pretty much it.

Stuff I never knew (or remembered) about Eddie Yost (but learned on the 'net)....

  • He played a looong time for the Senators.
  • The Senators traded him so Harmon Killebrew could get his shot.
  • He played for the Tigers and Angels from '59 to '62.
  • He led the A.L. in walks the year this card came out.
  • He was the first Los Angeles Angel to ever step up to the plate.
  • He's third in putouts among third baseman behind only Brooks Robinson and Jimmy Collins.
  • He got a Masters in P.E from NYU (woot!!!).
  • He was born in Brooklyn.
  • He came back to the Nats as a coach and managed ONE game as an interim manager in 1963.
  • He lost that game.
  • When he took off his cap, he looked a lot more like a pharmacist than a ballplayer.
This card looks to have been shot at Griffith Stadium. Check out the scoreboard above Yost. So it breaks up the 'picture taken at Yankee Stadium' run of American League cards. But the Yanks still stick their nose into it, according to the board they appear to the the visitors the day the photographer showed up.


  1. How did he appear in 157 or 155 games in a season for the Senators? They were never involved in playoffs.

  2. Jim, they played three games in 1952 that ended in ties and were replayed from scratch. All the stats and credit for games played would count.

    May 8 versus Detroit in D.C.

    June 20 in St Louis. and

    August 3 in Chicago.

    I'm guessing that was the cases in other years that show more than 154.