Saturday, March 12, 2011

#408 Keystone Combo

"Nellie... hey Nellie..... Nellie Fox!! Jump in there and toss your arm around Looie's shoulders, will ya? This'll make a great shot!"

Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio were two important cogs in the "Go Go Sox" machine that took the A.L. pennant and faced the Dodgers in the '59 Series.

Man, I like a lot about this card. Those late 50's White Sox unis are really sweet in their simplicity. And the caps! Yes, I'm an Oriole fan but those interlocking S-O-X caps with the red outlined letter are among the best ever. I looked for one of those for years, literally, before I got one last year. I have a size 8 noggin so that was one problem but even so they were tough to find in any size.

And what can you say about these two players? Both extremely popular middle infielders that now have well deserved plaques on the wall in Cooperstown. I'm especially partial to 'Little Looie' thanks to his years as an Oriole mainstay and contributions to the 1966 World Champion Birds.

My only quibble is related to all the special multi-player cards Topps issued in 1959. Why not use the exact "template" that they used with the regular cards and not crop the background. A photo with the background intact is one of the charms of the '59s. Why go a different direction here? The Keystone combo should have stands or the playing field in back of them, not a yellow inner circle. If you look under the arms of Fox and Aparicio you can see the grass that was part of the original shot.
Both Aparicio and Fox have their own cards in this set but in the meantime we can enjoy this 'special' Topps beauty.

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