Monday, August 8, 2011

#205 Don Larsen

Is there anyone who isn't aware that Don Larsen pitched a World Series Perfect Game?

So let's try and find a few things about Don Larsen that everybody might not know:

  • He began his career with the St. Louis Browns.
  • He went 3-21 with the first year Orioles in 1954 tying for the league lead in losses.
  • He only hit double digit wins twice in his career winning 11 in '56 and 10 in '57.
  • He had stints in Chicago with both the Cubs and White Sox.
  • He was 4-2 in five World Series with an ERA of 2.75.
  • He won Game 4 for the SF Giants in 1962 over the Yankees.
  • In the 1956 Series his Game Five perfecto followed a second inning TKO at the hands of the Dodgers in Game Two three days prior. He allowed four runs in that game but all were unearned and only one hit was involved.
  • He got his only Series base hit in that Game Two in 1956, the recently featured Tom Morgan took the loss.
  • He's still making appearances and has a website though it's fairly sparse when it comes to anything interesting.

The cartoon on the back of this card wins the 'No Kidding?' award.

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