Thursday, August 18, 2011

#15 Dick Drott

Dick Drott looks pensively skyward, wondering where his once promising career has gone. After a rookie season that saw the hard throwing strikeout specialist win 15 games for a Cubs team that won 62 total, Drott ran into arm miseries that ate into his 1958 effectiveness and cost him a huge chunk of 1959.

Drott re-emerged as a reliever for the Cubs in 1960/'61. With just two wins in three years he was made available to the Houston club in the '62 expansion draft and spent two years as a Colt 45. before retiring. He made an aborted comeback attempt with the White Sox in 1965 but didn't make their staff.

Baseball Library has this Dick Drott tidbit:
On April 27 of his rookie season, Drake was ejected from a game for borrowing a wheelchair from a crippled fan and wheeling fellow flake Moe Drabowsky to first base after Drabowsky was hit on the foot by a pitch.

Black frame, cute little circa '59 Cubbie head logo, cool cartoon... adds up to a nice card.

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  1. According to Retrosheet, the game in which he was ejected was April 24.