Saturday, June 25, 2011

#346 Batter Bafflers

So Brewer says to Sisler: "OK, I'll pose with you for this guy but there's no way you belong on a card that's going to be called 'Batter Bafflers'. I've got 68 wins in the majors and I'm going to get 23 more before I quit. And I've been over .500 nearly every year with these lackluster Boston clubs. And I even won 19 in '56 made the All Star team! Frankly I'm 'baffled' as to why the hell you're here at all."

"Well' Sisler replies,'I've got an engineering degree from Princeton and...and...and my father is in the Hall of Fame!! So there!"

"Point taken' Brewer says, 'but wait till you see the job Topps does cropping your head for this card."

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