Thursday, June 16, 2011

#304 Chicago Cubs Team

Riddle me this, Batman... why does the Cubs team card say 'Chicago Cubs Team' when nearly all the other team card/checklist merely give the team name without the 'Team'. There are a couple like this and I plan to get to the bottom of it. That kind of detective work is a lot more interesting than researching the '59 Cubs themselves.

The '59 Cubs finished fifth in the NL with a 74-80 record by the way, better than I thought. Glen Hobbie led the staff with 16 wins. Ernie Banks won his second consecutive NL MVP. He drove in 143 runs, hit 45 homers and batted .304. Nobody else had numbers that were remotely close. Ernie must have gotten tired of carrying that club by himself.

Pale green and yellow with rounded corners. Yuck. I like that scheme on the Braves' card. Just looks wrong here. ::shrug:: At least it's unchecked on the back.


  1. The only other card to have "Team" on it was the Tigers which is the next team card in numerical order. At first I thought it might be because the name is short (Reds were Red Legs in '59). But the Braves have the same amount of letters as Tigers and no "Team" designation.

  2. Yup, turns out to be just those two. And I can't see a relationship, either. Weird, is't it?

    I just finished my little 'research' project tabulating which teams got which frame colors and things like that. (Stuff only geeks like us would care about!) I'm going to check my numbers make a post or two with the results before long.