Thursday, May 17, 2012

#293 Ray Moore

Right-hander Ray Moore, a Maryland native, was signed by the Dodgers in the mid-40s after being spotted playing ball with his army unit in the Philippines. But he had a long hill to climb in the talent-rich Brooklyn chain. He got looks in 1952 and '53 but it wasn't until he was traded to the Orioles for the 1955 season that he established himself in the bigs.

For three years as an Orioles Moore won double digit games, moving from a job as a spot starter and long reliever to a regular rotation spot in 1957. Traded to the White Sox in 1958 Moore transitioned back to a reliever role and appeared in one game of the '59 Series against the Dodgers, pitching one inning.

He was sold to the Senators midway through 1960 and spent the rest of his career with the Nats/Twins franchise as a better than average closer. He retired after the 1963 season and spent time farming and working with his favorite hounds.

Seeing another of the many red bordered White Sox cards reminds me of my task of cataloging the team/color ratios in this set. I started that once before. I'll get back to it soon.


  1. Looking forward to those color ratio totals. I was always annoyed the Dodgers got stuck with mostly yellow, and envious of the "blue teams," like the Phillies.

    1. I started it once and got sidetracked. I had decided that there were two or three different shades of orange used but looking at them now I figure those were just printer variations.
      Some teams had one color for most of their cards (Reds=black, Phils as you noted were usually blue), some were spread across many colors.
      I'm gonna crank it up as soon as the Rangers playoff run is over. (But if they lose to the Devils I might go into hiding).