Thursday, March 14, 2013

#132 Don Lee The Sporting News Rookie Star

Geeky high school teacher: "I'll take 'Fathers and Sons' for $200, Alex."

Thornton Lee and Don Lee

Geeky high school teacher: "What duo gave up homers to Ted F'ing Williams 21 years apart?"


And, btw, according to Wikipedia Ted is the only one to do that.

Anyway righthanded pitcher Don Lee signed with the Detroit Tigers out of the University of Arizona in  1956 and pitched in a dozen games for them in '57/'58. Half of those were starts. Traded to the Senators in 1960 he stayed with the Nats/Twins into 1962 when he was dealt to the Angels. That '62 season was his best, he won 11 games.

He pitched for the Astros and Cubs in '65/'66 and then spent the 1967 season in the minors. He finished with a 40-44 record and a 3.61 ERA. His father, the aforementioned Thornton Lee won 117 games in 16 big league seasons between 1933 and 1948. His ERA was nearly the same as his son's, 3.56.

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