Saturday, October 27, 2012

#565 Wes Covington The Sporting News All Star

This subset carries the "'59 All Star Selection" label. I wish I could uncover the process used. Wes Covington was not a member of the NL All Star Squad in 1959 (or '58 or any other year for that matter). By looking at Covington's numbers it's apparent that The Sporting News chose the players based on previous seasons. In 1958 Covington hit .330 with 24 homers. He did that in less than 300 at bats.

And I guess The Sporting News held strictly to position because Covington did have the best numbers of any left fielder who started over 75 games. So there ya go.

Coincidentally Night Owl showed off his 'new' '61 Topps Covington in a recent post. I'm sure I was aware of this card at some point but I didn't remember it. It's pure baseball card art! I saw it and just knew I had to go find myself a copy. When I pick it up I may have to add it to my 'Favorite Non-Oriole Baseball Card' page. In the meantime enjoy an image of it I found online.

The bat rack, shoulder patch, cap, stirrups, the kids in the background, Covington's pose.... great stuff. 

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  1. That '58 season was pretty amazing. I had to look him up. Only once did he ever have 400 at-bats in a season, despite good performance. What held him back?

    Also - when he passed away, he was living in Edmonton. Wonder what brought him up there?