Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Frank Sullivan News Flash

This is just something I thought was worthy of a different sort of post.

The newest issue of Sports Illustrated, the 2012 MLB Preview issue hits newsstands tonight or tomorrow. In it is a story about Frank Sullivan, one of this blog's Saturday St. Patrick's Day entries. The story's author, Jane Leavy, relates how in her book The Last Boy, a great book about Mickey Mantle, she has 'killed off' poor old Frank. She learns of her mistake in a call from Mrs. Frank Sullivan who is seated next to her very-much-alive husband.

Ms. Leavy goes on to write about her mistake in declaring Sullivan dead. She also writes of Sullivan and Mantle and their days of playing as opponents in the 1950's. She's a great writer (in my opinion) and I recommend either of her baseball books. The SI article is worth a read as well. See the link connected to her name above.

Here's the 6'7" Frank Sullivan one more time...

And the Norman Rockwell painting referenced in the story....

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