Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#223 St. Louis Cardinals

The 1959 Cardinals were a 7th place entry in the N.L. that year. Stan Musial hit only .255 with 44 RBIs. Ken Boyer led them with 28 dingers and drove in 94. Larry Jackson and Lindy McDaniel each won 14 for the Redbirds. 

Looks like the kid who had this checklist back in the day was able to complete the 4th Series. He gave it the big blue crayon check-mark. My detective instincts tell me Billy Hoeft was the last card he needed since it wasn't filled in. I can see the kid with this checklist on the kitchen table opening packs his Dad brought home after work at the little store right near the bus stop. As soon as the kid saw the Hoeft card... swoosh, done with this series!!!

I doubt he cared that it's off-center any more then than I do now.

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