Monday, March 10, 2014

#566 Roy Sievers The Sporting News All Star

This is the last card from any of the '59 set's subsets. And it's the last of Roy Sievers' four cards in the set. Here is his regular card and we had his Baseball Thrills card and the Directing the Power special which he shared with Nats' Manager Cookie Lavagetto and Jim Lemon.

Roy, whose nickname was 'Squirrel', made four AL All Star Squads and played in three of the games. He represented the Senators in 1956, '57 and '59. He made the club as a White Sox in 1961. He did not appear in the 1957 game and got one plate appearance in '56 and in one of the two games played in '59 and '61. He drew a walk in the 1st game in '59 and that was the only time he reached base as an All Star.

This card has Griffith Stadium as a background and is sort of rough around the edges (like me in many ways) and that's an acceptable condition to me. I hadn't noticed until I scanned it but someone wrote a "3" to the right of Roy's name on the card. That's fitting since.....

We are winding down with just

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  1. This back style was copied by AB&C for some of their soccer cards of the time. It looks strange to have the Bazooka ad on an English Football card.

    1. Interesting that designs 'crossed over' like that. I read that Topps bought out AB&C at one point in the 70s but was there some sort of arrangement prior to that? Or were these Topps designs 'pirated'?