What I Collect

Listed below are my collecting interests. It's posted here for informational purposes. I probably don't have anything you'd be interested in trading for, unless you're into Oriole team issued Jesse Jefferson postcards. I've got boatloads of those. LOL

My collections and collecting interests:

-Orioles Topps/Fleer/Bowman/Donruss from 1954 to 1990. '90 marks the point I jumped the card collecting ship. I completed this long ago but I might upgrade a few cards in the future.

-Oddball, limited distribution, regional, team-issued and promotional sets, display items and paper collectibles for the Orioles and Baltimore Colts. Examples are Leaf, Johnny Pro stand-ups, all manner of Topps inserts, coins, stamps and extraneous junk, pocket skeds, commemorative glassware, pennants and player postcards etc.

-1959 Topps. I've finished the set and my '59 Topps blog is here. I also pick up cards from the 1957, '58 and '60 sets that strike my fancy.

-T206s and Japanese baseball cards of various types. I don't have huge collections of these but they fascinate me and I love picking up bargains online just for fun.

-Billy Pierce. I've been a fan of his since childhood. I believe I became one because he seemed to pitch at Yankee Stadium against the Yankees every time my Dad took me to see a game there involving the White Sox. I have a pretty extensive Pierce collection including cards, postcards/photos and novelty items.

-Yearbooks/Press Guides/Game Programs and postseason game programs for the Orioles, Baltimore Colts and New York Rangers. I lack only the 1954 and 1956 Oriole press guides for a straight run through 2013. I have nearly all the Baltimore Colts Press Guides from the mid 50s through the Mayflower move. As for the Rangers... I'm looking to build my collection of 60's guides (Blue Books). I also have many University of Houston paper memorabilia items.

-My fantasy football player collection. I've commished a league since 1980 and have collected one card of every player I've had on my team. Those cards are mostly Topps and the other mainstream issues but I also have had to dig up college issue cards, USFL cards, regional and team issues and have had to make a handful of cards myself for those few players never to have had one issued.

-University of Houston alums who have gone on to the pro ranks. I used to really track these down and I have a nice collection from the 50's through about 1991 or so. Elvin Hayes, Fred Couples, Andre Ware, Dwight Davis, Doug Drabeck, Otis Birdsong and Clyde Drexler make up most of it. I also have quite a bit of University of Houston paper memorabilia including game programs, press guides, etc.

-Pins and buttons. I have managed to collect all the Orioles World Series pins. I lack the 1958 All Star pin. I also have numerous commemorative player and event pins and buttons for the Orioles, Baltimore Colts, NY Rangers and Astros.

Possible future projects:
Completing .....
the 1961 Nu Card College Football set;
a Johnny Unitas regular issue card run: Philly Gum, Topps, etc.;  DONE
the 1960 Topps baseball set; (Now In Progress)
my half ass attempt to fill out the '75 Topps baseball and football sets;
one of the mid 60s Philly Gum football sets.

-I collect cards and related items of the following players:

Brooks Robinson
Frank Robinson
Billy Pierce
Johnny Callison
Jackie Jensen
Jim Palmer
Elrod Hendricks
Dennis Martinez
Eddie Murray
Sandy Koufax
Steve Barber
Luis Aparicio
Juan Pizarro
Warren Spahn
David Clyde
Jim Gentile
Roger Maris
Bob Moose
Boog Powell
Mike Cuellar
Bob Gibson
Art Ditmar
Lance Berkman

Johnny U.
Lenny Moore
John Mackey
Gino Marchetti
Jim Brown
Arian Foster
Tommy McDonald
Ben Hawkins
Gale Sayers
Ray Berry
Andre Johnson
Ndamukong Suh
Andre Ware
Case Keenam

Eddie Giacomin
Rod Gilbert
Gordie Howe
Mike Richter
Henrik Lundqvist
Patrick Roy

Elvin Hayes
Connie Hawkins
Bill Russell

Arnold Palmer
Fred Couples

Lyndon Johnson
John F., Ted and Robert Kennedy
Nelson Rockefeller
Hubert H Humphrey
George Wallace
Richard Nixon
Barack Obama