Gint-A-Cuffs The Beginning

Note: I've edited these original pages, cleaning up my errors, omissions and recalculated pulls. 

I'm participating in the annual Gint-A-Cuffs contest for the first time. I'm four packs into my box and already I can see I'm in over my head. Hell, the first thing I pulled out of the box was this:

What is it and how many points is it worth?  The back says it's 'vintage-era wood from Yellowstone". Really?

State Relic=  +20 points

I received two box topper envelopes, here is the second...

Other top load thingy card:
David Price N43-DP    +5

Pack 1:
Cliff Lee  290
Ben Zobrist 233
Corey Hart 157
Johan Santana 219
Omar Infante 252

mini Indian Rhino AP14 +3

Trevor Hoffman  BB Hilite Sketches  BHS11 +3

HT Heroes Wainwright HH9   + 1

Total = 7 pts 
Running total=32

Pack 2:
Joel Pinero 91
Josh Beckett 116
Andrew McCutchen 215
Mike Bourn 22
Freddie Freeman 198
Jake McGee 110

Mini Tabata 216 Ad Back  +2

HT Heroes Jeter, dammit a Yankee, HH79  +0

Pack total=2
running total=34

Pack 3:
Pineda 92
Maya 112
Butler 158
Lewis 87
Mini Jimenez 195
Hometown Hero Bailey HH99 +1

Jonathan Papelbon Relic in a plastic encased 'card'. AGR-JPA  Cool, even if it's a Red Sox  +10

Pack=11 points
Running Total=45

Pack 4:
Another crappy pack:
Jake LaMotta 43  No points but it's a nice card so that's OK
Reyes 75
Davis 292
Pedroia 55
Scherzer 68
Chapman 5
Gallardo mini 287

So far I get a doughnut points-wise.

Hometown Hero Verlander HH 53 +1

A one point pack, jeez
Running total=46

Pack 5:

Tim Howard 139
Hayhurst, some guy in a clown/moose outfit who bears a slight resemblance to the Manning brothers 32
Soriano 62
Crawford 50
Storen 337 this is a short print (whooopee!) +2

mini Thome #204  A&G ad back  +2

HTH Rollins HH 58 +1

Hamilton 200 somebody's fave +2

Pack= 7
Running total =53

Pack 6:
Julaton 299  a female boxer....really?
Drew 39
Rios 285
Bard 19
Jeffress 59 Ginter Code +3

Hamels  235    a fave player +2

Home town Hero Price HH20 +1

mini Manny Pacquio 262 Ad back  +2

Pack=8 points
Running total=61

Pack 7:
Sinkbiel 267
Rasmus 132
Ruiz 249
Cano 130 -1         but wait, I kind of like this guy, ok, ok -1
Ross 312, a SP   wooohoo +2

USS Merrimack  Floating Fortresses FF9... a seriously great card. I would chase down a whole set of ship cards like this +2

Austra...etc... Ascent of Man  AOM 21   +1

Mini Watson, Penultimacy PP3  +3

Pack Total=7
Running Total=68

And that brings us to the end of 7 packs of the 2011 Allen & Ginter. The next 7 had better be better.